BoxSnax #1: Cheeze Wizards, Decentraland Avatars, Trivia

Wtf is "Cheeze"? Decentraland Avatars in Q2, Play Trivia & Win Prizes

Hello! Major shout out for checking out the very first edition of BoxSnax- thanks for being with us since day 1 (literally)!

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Cheeze Wizards: Summon, Duel, and Win ETH

DGaming and the team that brought you CryptoKitties, has unveiled the next big blockchain game, Cheeze Wizards. The game features a battle royale style tournament where wizards compete in duels to win a large pot of ETH (aka the “Big Cheeze”). Each wizard is a cryptocollectible NFT, and can be swapped, sold, and reused (whether in other tournaments or other games the community may create). The Big Cheeze currently sits at 447 ETH as of now (about $112,000).

Every time a Wizard is summoned, 50% of the ether spent goes to the Big Cheeze.

How it Works…

Players summon wizards by paying ether, the ether used to summon a wizard determines its “power level”. Wizards can increase their power levels by winning duels. Duels have users engage in 5 rounds of spell casting, which plays like rock paper, scissors:

There are three spell elements in Cheeze Wizards, and each has a strength and weakness.

  • Fire is effective against wind and weak to water

  • Water is effective against fire and weak to wind

  • Wind is effective against water and weak to fire

The Winner absorbs power levels from the loser, proportional to their victory (ex: 5/5 rds won offers greater reward than 3/5 rds won).

During a tournament a “blue mold” will begin to consume the Cheeze Wizards who are below a set power level, and every 24hrs, the blue mold’s power doubles. The last wizard left standing wins the Big Cheeze.

Find out more or start summoning & dueling here.

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Decentraland Set to Debut Avatars and “Passports” end of Q2 2019

Decentraland announced in April that they will be adding avatars for users, and plan to debut the new feature by the end of Q2 2019. Users will be able to create unique representations of themselves, customizing their names, physical appearance, and outfits. They mention that some customization may cost a “small” fee of Mana.

Each avatar comes with a passport which, “serves as a secure, single sign-on for all of your Decentraland experiences”. It also allows users to connect projects in builder with land in the marketplace.

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Hot Swaps

This little guy sold for 1 WETH ($252) yesterday! Check him out here.

Play Trivia & Win Prizes

BoxSwap is hosting a trivia every Thursday at 10am and 10pm EST in their Discord. Winners will be given valuable NFT prizes! This week’s (5/23) theme is Bitcoin!

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